2019 Bruin Baseball Tryout Information

Tryout Dates

                  8U     Mon., July 2  Lied Center Field  6pm        

                  9U     Mon., July 2  Lied Center Field  6pm        

                  10U   Mon., July 2  Lied Center Field  7:30pm

                  11U   Mon., July 2  Lied Center Field  7:30pm

                  12U   Mon., July 2  McCann Field North  5:45pm

                  13U   Mon., July 2  Bell. West North Field  5:45pm

                  14U   Mon., July 2  Bell. West North Field  7:30pm


  • Registrations begin 30-minutes before tryout time
  • Age determined by April 30, 2019


Just the Facts….

  • Players will be graded on hitting, pitching, infield/outfield, speed, hustle and attitude
  • Teams play between 35-60 games depending on age group
  • Teams play on average 4-5 tournaments during the season
  • Players fee’s include; uniforms, tournament fee’s, basic equipment, umpire fee’s, tournament gate fee’s, indoor cage time
  • Teams play home games on the following fields; Lied Center, Baldwin Fields, McCann Fields, and Bellevue West North Field.
  • Teams will use indoor cages at BJSA and Lied Center
  • BJSA teams practice at BPS Gym’s during the winter months
  • BJSA Teams are SELECT Teams.  There are no minimum play rules or number of bat rules. 
  • Contact BJSA for more information regarding tryouts, coaching opportunities or private tryouts

(402) 292-2572 / admin@bjsa.omhcoxmail.com


See below attachment for dates/times/locations